Why Choose BreedMyDog?

Dog breeders seeking collection, storage or use of canine semen from Champion and Pedigree Dogs in the UK should contact us at BreedMyDog.

The BreedMyDog Centre is situated near Abbeyfields Veterinary Centre in Rocester, Staffordshire. It is run by a Qualified Veterinary Surgeon who has considerable interest in canine reproduction, dog breeding and the needs of breeders.


Our Vet, Julie Gray, first trained in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the guidance of Dr.George Govette, who has over 30 years experience in the handling and storage of canine semen.

Further training on the technique of transcervical insemination, TCI, in the bitch followed at MOFA Global’s headquarters   in Wisconsin, USA .

And over recent years, BreedMyDog has evaluated different buffers and semen freezing protocols for the male dog,  currently finding that Catharina Linde Forsberg’s CaniRep buffers imported from Sweden provide robust and reliable semen preservation and thaw in our Clinic.

With better understanding and techniques, success rates with artificial techniques continue to rise. And as we move forward over the coming decade, we will find dogs from all corners of the world become accessible to an animal at home in the UK.

Never forget, of course, the importance of selecting healthy, proven stock when considering artificial, distance mating. Even in 2017, we know that not all natural breedings between bitch and stud will achieve 100% success rates. And this is similar for assisted techniques. But information is growing all the time about canine reproduction to make this a long term goal.