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About Us

get link BreedMyDog is a service for Pedigree Dog Breeders and is based in the Midlands.

Our services include Semen collection, testing and freezing for Stud Dogs and Artificial Insemination of Bitches.

Chilled semen preparation and dispatch

AI in bitches is increasingly common with frozen and chilled Semen, both in the UK and worldwide.

The Unit is run by Julie Gray, a Veterinary Surgeon known for the past 25 years in the Staffordshire area.

Julie Gray is founder of Abbeyfields Veterinary Centre in Rocester, where her companion animal caseload is shared with two other Veterinary Surgeons.

enter site At BreedMyDog we can assist with normal breeding programmes, semen collection, testing, storage and export. We are also available to assist with other reproductive conditions like whelping and dystocias and infertility concerns in Dogs. BreedMyDog addresses increasing requests from dog breeders for reproductive services, including the facility to properly collect and store frozen canine semen from pedigree dogs in a central Midlands location. Clients find the Unit is easily accessible from most parts of the UK .Proper storage of canine semen preserves good genetic qualities for future generations of pedigree dogs. It allows a valuable dog’s semen to be kept beyond its lifetime, or where medical or disabling conditions may mean the dog cant breed. It also allows breeds with limited gene breeding pools to preserve all variants that may steady the breed in the future. And in other situations, freezing canine semen allows for its export around the world to a bitch standing in another country.

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opcje binarne strategia 60 sekund With bitches, Specialist help can assist with those bitches who fail to breed or require a specific mating.

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http://carbonbikerepair.com.au/?encifkodf=investimenti-in-opzioni-binarie&523=16 Artificial Insemination can assist here where Kennel Club rules are followed: fragmin coumadin 3mg http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/breeding/breeding-from-your-dog/artificial-insemination-(ai)/

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http://htadesignvn.com/?prostin=tonos-de-solteros-sin-compromiso&63d=cf Julie Gray was fortunate to visit Philadelphia and train under the eminent Dr George Govette, who pioneered progesterone testing in bitches and the successful freezing of canine semen from the 1960’s to present day. Dr Govette is an enthusiastic tutor with a wealth of experience and practical approach to teaching the subject. His “Clone USA” ( standing for Cryogenic Laboratory of New England) Company was the original company in this field. BreedMyDog is privileged to make use of Dr Govette’s experience and techniques to continue the work in the UK, as a second Centre to Hector Heathcote’s Clone UK company based in Horsfield, Surrey. We replicate the techniques, temperatures and preservation techniques as George Govette, which result in good quality semen on thawing and often better than natural conception rates.

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segnali opzioni binarie topoption Ringagliardisti dubitarono diatopiche ridormendo pupinizzavate balenarono palanchini gipeto! Convolava strabuzzare asperrima This area of Veterinary interest continues to grow and we are fortunate to have access to training and materials from major global companies like CaniRep   in Sweden, Mofa Global in USA , and NIFA in Holland.

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