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Chilled Semen Movement

Sending Chilled Semen internationally is increasingly popular and convenient.

We send chilled semen in approved Shipper kits, using CaniRep buffers.

Success rates using chilled canine semen make it an increasingly popular choice for breeders. They avoid the stress and expense of travelling large distances abroad with their dogs for breeding. Indeed, statistics suggest an 86% conception rate for chilled semen use , which matches   natural mating rates of 80- 85% .

Progesterone testing of the bitch is important and planning when the semen should be sent to the receiver.

Its often best to send to a Vet in the receiving country, who can direct the insemination process.

The clever bit for success is the buffers within the chilled semen kit which can actually enhance survival properties of the sperm,. They can even correct many common problems encountered in canine semen. And good quality semen will stay viable for up to 72 hours.

Subject to proper regulation and documentation, these kits can be used for successful export from and import of semen into the UK.

Semen is tested after collection from the stud and processed ready for shipping, where it must remain chilled for the journey, but never frozen. Insulated approved boxes allow this to happen. And we currently use the CaniRep chill buffer, which provides a robust and safe medium for the semen in transit.

Upon arrival at the receiving Vet or Owner, the semen can simply be gently warmed to body temperature and checked ahead of insemination.. We find this works really well for semen being sent into Europe, where next day deliveries can be booked.

We do not recommend chilled semen is sent outside of the EU,   since we have experienced delays at Customs Import leading to a deterioration in semen quality and disappointment after everyone’s efforts when semen arrives too warm after the delays and isn’t viable.

Sending Chilled semen is very much time dependent and requires planning and coordination between bitch and stud owners and their Vet Centre!

A typical cost for chilled semen collection, processing and shipping into Europe is £300