Who owns the dog’s semen? Is it me if I bring a friend’s dog in?

OWNERSHIP of stud dog semen, in the first instance, is with the Stud dog owner. A contract must be signed at the premises of BreedMyDog before any semen collection. This clearly defines whose property the semen is and the rights upon it. Any transfer of straw ownership is again only after signed, written direction.

How long does the semen keep when frozen?

SEMEN can be stored for an infinite number of years when correctly stored and managed in Liquid Nitrogen. Pregnancies have regularly happened with 30 year frozen semen.

Do you store the semen in straws?

YES, we store semen in straws for several reasons including several back up identification checks are on the straw to avoid mix ups. The straws are sealed well to avoid contamination. Straws are generally universally easy to handle.

When is it optimum time to collect semen from my dog?

PRIME breeding age is approximately 2 – 5 years of age, but we can collect semen at any time. Semen is evaluated before freezing and we will give you an estimate of the number of straws and semen you may expect to store from a collection.

My bitch is in season now. What do I do?

CONTACT us immediately about progesterone testing and possibly a vaginal swab to assure accurate season mapping for breeding.

When should I contact you about breeding?

CONTACT us as soon as you decide to breed. We can help you with a plan of action, including when to blood test if needed. And in the case of some breeds, can let you know, or find out if extra blood tests are needed. There is also plenty of time for a DNA profile, And in the case of semen being exported, we can check out pet passport or export requirements for some countries. Countries such as Australia require clear blood tests before semen is even collected.

Do you ship Internationally?

WE liaise with breeders in locations all over the world and have shippers which can be hired for shipping semen overseas. We can also provide semen collection kits which can be sent to other collection locations.

How do you store frozen semen?

WE have our own liquid nitrogen storage tanks, which are self contained and do not rely upon electricity.

Must I follow all your protocols?

YES! For best results and to preserve our success rates, we require that you agree to comply with the programme given to you.