The Stud Dog

Fresh Semen and Its Movement

Fresh semen may be collected from the Stud Dog for immediate insemination into the bitch. It’s use can be in situations where bitches are timid about handling to mate or where perhaps the stud dog has an injury such as a fracture, which makes natural mating difficult or impossible for a reason not related to the sire’s breeding ability.

weimeraner-150x150Other situations where fresh semen use is permitted may be for example, in some extra large breeds where their longevity is a feature valuable to preserve, but they are too infirm to mate without risk. (Such situations may need to be passed ahead by the Kennel Club).

Advantages of using fresh semen are minimal cost of the procedure and no costly shipping and transport dilmmas.

However disadvantages are that the semen doesn’t remain viable after 24 hours and must be ideally used immediately. It is vulnerable to temperature shocks and poor handling.

Conception rates can be good in well handled semen, but very low where sufficient care has not been taking in the handling and transport process.

The breeders must also check fresh semen use conforms with the Kennel Club guidance upon AI.