The Stud Dog

Moving and Using Frozen Semen

Frozen semen can be collected at anytime from the healthy stud dog, with multiple collections and straws being stored weeks, months or years ahead of usage.


Storing semen in its frozen state at -196 Centrigrade means it can be exported to most parts of the world, subject to a correct shipper flask being used (and the flask either being a disposable one, or being returned to the clinic).

Costs for this are of course higher than with fresh semen movement.
Advantages of using liquid nitrogen frozen semen are that collection and shipping can be planned well ahead and several straws for repeat matings can be moved to the destination and stored in semen tanks.

Disadvantages are that frozen semen needs very careful handling when it is thawed for insemination. Yet if this is done correctly and with care, pregnancy rates remain high.

Timing of bitch insemination must be very precise, however, and serial progesterone tests, plus vaginal smears are advantageous in this situation. Once thawed, frozen semen is only viable and energetic for 6 – 12 hours.

Import and Export of frozen semen requires a liason with the APHA, the Animal and Plant Health Authority.

This Authority can advise upon export or import requirements between the countries where transfer is to be made. Countries like the USA allow straight forward movements with appropriate documentation.

Others, such as Australia and New Zealand may require further testing of the Stud dog to confirm freedom from conditions such as Leptospira and Brucella before the semen is even collected.

At BreedMyDog we can help you find the current information before you start the freezing process.