Price List

Reproductive assessments

Semen Evaluation ( collection, volume, count, motility, morphology, capacitation and report). £90.00
Progesterone testing of bitches £50.00(this is a next day service for an actual progesterone figure)

Ultrasound Scan for pregnancy or assessment £45.00

Vaginal cytology £18.00

Frozen Semen ( collection, assessment, freezing and 1st year’s storage)

Single collection for dogs from £330.00

Storage of Frozen Semen for 1 year ( per dog, unlimited straws) £75.00

Export of Frozen Semen

Export Paper work to relevant country £85.00 – to £200.00
Hire of Shipper £24.00 per day ( stays frozen up to 14 days)

Disposable Shipper Purchase £150.00 (no return shipping costs, buyer retains shipper)

Shipping costs dependent upon destination. Email for quote

A rough estimate for canine frozen semen collection and travel to the USA, for example, with return of the hired shipper is approximately £900.00 to £950.00

Some Countries, such as Australia and New Zealand require additional export blood testing of the stud, which incurs further cost.

Chilled Semen Export

Collection, evaluation, transport pack, and certificate from £150 plus shipping costs using DHL or FedEx

Costs for Europe £300-£350 inclusive

Chilled Semen Import Import Licence and Coordination £100.00 to £150.00 depending upon Country requirements

Artificial Insemination

Endocopic Insemination with Camera monitor and TCI Shunt £150.00

( including thaw media and all equipment for single AI)

Surgical Insemination

Semen Evaluation ahead of GA and prepare bitch and insemination £600.00
(This approach requires prior discussion about other options available before performed. The Kennel Club considers this option is the least desirable due to a large “welfare debt” placed upon the bitch).


Freezing Buffers (CaniRep Per Set) £93.60

Chilling Buffer (Per single CaniRep unit) £48.00

Activation media ( per single unit) £36.00

Chill Shipper Box   £38.40

Liquid Nitrogen charge of shipper £9.60 per litre