The Stud Dog

breedmydog-cropped-entrance-300x184Procedure for Collection of Canine Semen

Having decided to collect semen from your dog, we can guide you through the collection and storage process.

Provide your dog’s pedigree registration certificate from the relevant body, be it the KC, the AKC.

Provide a copy of your dog’s DNA certificate.

Provide your dog’s microchip number.

Complete the appropriate Collection Form

Make sure the owner of the male gives consent for collection, use and storage of the semen, if this is not yourself.

semen-sample-in-lab-200x300Ensure your dog is in fit and healthy condition.

An oestrus bitch is welcome to visit to make collection easier with your dog.

On most occasions a teaser bitch can be arranged if you do not bring your own.

Allow your dog to urinate before arrival to avoid urine contamination of samples, particularly in older males.

Collection of a Semen Sample is at the BreedMyDog facility or a neighbouring breeder’s kennels should another oestrus bitch be needed.