The Stud Dog

P1100097-200x300Semen Evaluation

Semen Evaluation is important in the stud dog at any age of his career; from a youngster before offered at stud, to monitoring and treating fertility problems in older dogs, or prior to sale and export.

Most dogs produce good quality semen by 1 year of age, and reach peak fertility at 2 – 3 years old. This can later reduce over the following years due to natural ageing or medical conditions like prostatic disease.

We routinely check semen before any further procedures happen like chilling, freezing or insemination.

Sperm-into-ovule-from-istock-150x150-1We require to check the semen immediately after collection, testing its volume, colour, acidity, motility, count, speed of sperm progression in the right direction, and for any defects.

Reproductive problems in male dogs can often be picked up and monitored by serial semen evaluation.