The Stud Dog

Storage of Frozen Canine Semen

Where frozen storage of semen is planned, the filled straws of canine semen are stored in goblets within liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Each 0.5 cc straw contains 50 – 75 million sperm cells.


Liquid nitrogen keeps the semen stored at minus 196 Centrigrade. At this low temperature, all the molecular activity of the sperm cells stops.

The cells can then be kept in this state of suspended animation for months to years to come, without significant loss of fertility.

The better the quality of semen when it is frozen, the better the quality when it reawakens.

Age is an important factor and most studs are ideally collected at 2 – 5 years of age, and ideally have proven natural litters behind them.

It is important that Ownership of the Stud dog’s semen is clearly documented. The semen then remains legally the property of the stud dog Owner. Any inseminations, shipments, or transfer of Ownership must be signed for and instructed by the Semen Owner on our records.

We charge an Annual Fee to store semen. This is currently £75 per year per dog, payable in advance of the year. There is no limit on the number of straws that can be stored per dog.