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Successful thawing of Semen

It is important that frozen semen is woken correctly, and according to the freezing centre’s protocol. Generally this requires thawing in a waterbath at 37C for a minute or two , before checking.

Some preservation systems such as CLONE or CaniRep need the use of an “activator” buffer as part of the thaw process.

Motility of semen on thawing is variable, but can be over 70%.

The thaw results determine how many straws are recommended for an insemination.


Research has shown that fertility can significantly decline in semen with post thaw motility in semen varying between 40 and 80%.

Sperm that have been frozen survive for 6 – 12 hours in general and so require immediate insemination into the bitch before they lose fertilisation ability. This is unlike chilled semen, which has more flexibility and may last approximately 24 – 48 hours in the bitch, allowing slightly broader insemination timing.