The Bitch

Services for the Breeding Bitch

Owners of show bitches may wish to use a stud dog outside their normal options of distance and quality. Well this is now be possible!

Monitoring oestrus in the bitch with vaginal cytology and progesterone testing
bitch-and-pups-300x222Predicting optimal time for mating through this testing

Inseminating the bitch with your chosen canine fresh, chilled or frozen semen after prior arrangement

Liasing with agents involved in the importation or exportation of semen to the bitch

Testing for pregnancy with ultrasound scanning and/or blood testing

Assistance with whelping and deciding when intervention is needed

Dealing with reproductive problems like pyometra for bitches under our care

Caesarian sections, again for bitches under our care, (where appropriate permission from any other attending Veterinary Surgeons has been agreed.)