The Stud Dog

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Stud Dog Services include those listed here. We can offer assistance in a number of areas.

Here are some of the Services requested:

Semen evaluation in valuable studs:- a freshly collected sample can be evaluated for motility, morphology, sperm numbers, motility and progression. A written report is supplied and stored on file.

Collection of semen for fresh or chilled insemination of bitches in the UK

Collection and freezing of canine dog semen in liquid nitrogen

Import and Export shipping of frozen canine semen for use in between the UK and countries Worldwide

Liason with the Government’s Animal Plant and Health Authority, the APHA, for semen movement permits and certification of export documents.

Management of reproductive problems in Stud dogs, such as prostatic disease

Diagnosis and assistance with male stud dog fertility problems, for example, low total sperm counts and sterility.

Read on in each section for more detail on the kind of work we do and how you can introduce new lines into your breeding programe, with the least amount of trouble.

Already in the USA, extensive use is made of canine semen preservation to help cope with distance between stud dog and bitch in this vast country. Furthermore, breeders in countries other than the UK are already preserving valuable genetic dog lines for future generations.